Shireen Naziree

Shireen Naziree

1947 - 2018

Southeast Asia Contemporary Art. Art Consultancy. Researcher on Feminist Art Practices of Southeast Asia. Special focus on Malaysia, Myanmar and Vietnam.

Stories Out of Burma

December 12, 2009


It is not unusual for artists living away from their homeland to respond with nostalgic borrowings from their past or view issues that affect that situation with a critical eye from a distant vantage point.

The current social environment in Burma seems to point to an increasing vulnerability to it people and as much as it has had physical impacts, the psychological impact has obviously also created new parameters of anxiety. This has been part of your artistic content from a human perspective which does not present an optimistic picture. However there are proponents of Burma’s cultural aesthetic that are embedded in the sense of community they belong to.  Your perspectives and individualism that is not restricted by the same conventions that may govern artists practising within Burma allow for broad visual scope as it brings the two worlds to your palette.

STORIES OUT OF BURMA is planned as a sequel to SPEAKING ALONE, which was presented at Thavibu Gallery earlier this year and attracted significant media attention and enquiry to a following exhibition. The latest article of which will appear in the Almanac of AAP due on the market early in the New Year.  

The significant part of the exhibition should comprise of two dimensional works – the media is open for your discussion. This could be supported with performance art, an installation work and possibly a video work.