Shireen Naziree

Shireen Naziree

1947 - 2018

Southeast Asia Contemporary Art. Art Consultancy. Researcher on Feminist Art Practices of Southeast Asia. Special focus on Malaysia, Myanmar and Vietnam.

Convergence I


May 23, 2013


Since its establishment in 1993, Galeri PETRONAS has become synonymous with Malaysian Contemporary Art. Over the past twenty years, the gallery has recognized the ever-developing Malaysian art scene. Today Galeri PETRONAS represents an important venue for artists to express and communicate the imaginative aspects of their spiritual, social and political concerns through their visual language. 

Important to the commitment by PETRONAS to Malaysian Contemporary Art (Malaysian Visual Art) has been the development of the PETRONAS Art Collection. Started as a decorative collection in the 70s, it was converted into the PETRONAS Art Collection in 2000.

To commemorate this milestone, CONVERGENCE is a publication with a visual representation of three capsule exhibitions that represent the three chapters of the book.

CONVERGENCE addresses the broad range of the PETRONAS Art Collection within the context of the spiritual, social and economic concerns of Malaysia.