Shireen Naziree

Shireen Naziree

1947 - 2018

Southeast Asia Contemporary Art. Art Consultancy. Researcher on Feminist Art Practices of Southeast Asia. Special focus on Malaysia, Myanmar and Vietnam.

Beyond The Horizon : Landscape from the Petronas Art Collection

October 22, 2010


Until the last decades of the twentieth century, Malaysia was comfortably ignored as a cultural and economic vacuum .The opening of the Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC) in 1997 repositioned Malaysia within a more specific context; one that encompassed its own self-conscious modern practices and political legacies. Just as an icon such as the KLCC made such a connection, the spiritual and physical values of the landscape have long been primary influences in the Malaysian identity and its continuing dialogue. BEYOND THE HORIZON   highlights the understanding of this identity through its artistic juxtapositions of landscape paintings from the PETRONAS ART COLLECTION as it cross-circuits conventional readings of history....